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This is just an example of items available from 1 - 2 - 3 Learn Curriculum.

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Below are 3 templates to open in PDF for February newsletter. Type in your information and print.  You are unable to save the file, so all typing will have to be done at one time.

Additional templates will be available at 123 Learn ONLINE  Members web site

February Daycare Newsletter Template

February Preschool Newsletter Template

February Childcare Newsletter Template 


St. Patrick's Magnet Sheets

House Proof my House Sign

Down on the Farm - Clothes Pin Letters

Bee Numbers

Center Descriptions

St. Patrick's - Clothes Pin Beginning Sounds

Spring Time Bingo

Spring Time - Clothes Pins Letters

Springtime Wall Words

Easter Wall Words

Rhyming Word Match

Anatomy of a Ladybug

Creepy Crawlers Name Plates

ABC Small Posters

ABC Large Posters

ABC Upper Case Writing Strips

Ice Cream Fun Graph

Weather Sequencing

Weather Chart

Labels for ABC Theme Boxes

Child Care Coloring Book

Tic Tac Arctic Animals

Winter Wonderland Number Match Cards

Winter Wonderland Clothes Pin Letters

Pre-Primer Words

Winter Word Puzzles

St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Game

April Name Template Sheets

Rainy Day Alphabet Game

Bear Awards

Tooth Brushing Tip Sheet

Little Bear and the Bee

Where's My Sweetie Pie?

Purchase the book to go along with this rebus pocket chart

Zoo Fun Reward Cards


Winter Word Puzzles


Pirate Birthday Chart


Biting Log

Permission to Administer Medication

Year End Tuition Form

Touch Policy

Touch Policy - Word

Potty Training Charts & Certificates

Enrollment Form For Back Up Care

Dinosaur Blank Lesson Plan Forms

Great First Day of Preschool Certificates

Children's Daily Sign In Forms  Jan & Feb.

 March - Dec. children sign in sheets will be made available on members curriculum web site

Monthly Parent Sign In Sheets

Sign in Sheet Covers

Please note for sign in sheets - new months will be added as time allows. They will be available before each month.

January 2016 Sign In Sheets

February 2016 Sign In Sheets

March 2016 Sign In Sheets

April 2016 Sign In Sheets

May 2015 Sign In Sheets

June 2015 Sign In Sheets

August 2015 Sign in Sheets

September 2015 Sign In Sheets

October 2015 Sign In Sheets

November 2015 Sign In Sheets

December 2015 Sign In Sheets

Save child care spread sheet to your computer and then open and edit categories for your child care. To open you need excel. If you are not able to open this spread sheet then it is not compatible with the program I used to make it.

There are 2 sheets to the spread sheet. Child Care income and deductions. Click on tabs below on the spread sheet to access each spread sheet. You can add each child's name and also change deduction categories to fit your needs.

Child Care Spread Sheet


Valentine's Alphabet Game

Click on picture to access file


More Downloads

Halloween - Draw a Line Worksheet

Halloween - Draw a Line to the Matching Picture

Halloween - Math Counting Worksheet

Black Color Sheet

Black Cat Color Sheet

Blue Color Sheet

Blue Balloons Color Sheet

Brown Color sheet

Brown Bear

Bugs - What's in my Jar Sheet

Bugs that Fly - Circle

Colors Word Search

Days of the Week - Halloween

Farm Matching Cards

Fall Fun - Color and Cut Out

Halloween Matching Cards

Halloween Necklace

Alphabet Hats

Brush Your Way to Healthy Teeth Game

Click on picture to access file

Olaf Craft

Click on picture to access file

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Lesson Plan

Dr. Seuss Alphabet Cards and Writing Book

Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Activity




This few links below will give you an idea on what the lesson plans on 1 - 2- 3 Learn Curriculum look like. Plus other items. The other free downloads will give you an idea on the quality of the work that I do. Thank you!

Sample Lesson Plan

Down on the Farm

Menu Sample

10 Apples on Top

A finished theme below. Monsters. I love to store everything in a bin and then the following year I am ready to go. Just pull and use.

Click on picture to access larger picture.

1 - 2 - 3 Learn Curriculum is an approved curriculum for MN's 4 star rating program Parent Aware. The link below will take you to the list of approved curriculum so that you can see that 1 - 2 - 3 Learn Curriculum is on the infant, toddler and preschool approved curriculum.

Parent Aware List of Approved Curriculum

Pinterest Page

Holiday Sheets

Groundhog Day

Valentine Card

Heart Sun Catcher

St. Patrick's - Match the Numbers

St. Patrick Scissor Skills

Jelly Bean Graph

Mother's Day Flowers

Mothers Day Handprint

Butterfly Footprints

Father's Day Puppy Chow

What I Know About My Daddy Sheet

What I Know About My Grandpa Sheet

What I Know About My Grandma Sheet

4th of July T-Shirt

Happy Grandparents Card

Halloween ABC Match Up Cards

Halloween Candy Gift Tags

Christmas Word Search

Santa Count Down till Christmas

Christmas Card

Nose on Rudolph Game

Santa Letter - Boy

Santa Letter - Girl

Elf on the Shelf Candy Topper

Polar Express Tickets

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Topper

Valentine Bag Toppers

Click on picture to access file

Candy Corn Dice Game

Click on picture to access file


Dental Sheets 

Down on the Farm

Camping Fun Puzzle

Find the Rainbow

Colors in Spanish

Creepy Crawlers - Color - Cut and Paste

How Many? Numbers 1 - 10

Boat Shape

School Books - Color - Cut and Glue

Boy - Color - Cut

Butterfly Puppets


Time For Bed

Bedtime Maze

Birthday Hats

Label the Flower

Christmas Bulbs

Favorite Dinosaur

Barn Animals

How Many Apple Seeds Graph


What Lives Under the Sea Book

Fall Fun Pre-Primer Bingo Set 1

I See a Pumpkin Mini Book

Alphabet Sheets



Preschool Certificates


Candy Corn Person

Penguin Craft

Fall Wreath Directions



Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Click on picture to access file



Five Little Ladybugs

10 little Piggys

We Wish You a Merry Christmas


Video of Pumpkin Fun Lapbook

Fun with Pumpkins

Fun With Pumpkins Directions



Crockpot Lasagne

Chocolate Sundae Cupcakes

Circle Time Activities

Apple Tree Paint Stick

ABC Sheets - Beginning Sounds

Letter B

Letter E

Letter L

Number Sheets

1 - 10

Numbers 1 - 20

Rocket and Astronaut Circle Time Graph Activity

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